Our Management


Message from the Managing Director

 Chef Michael Wunsch

My journey in this country as a chef goes back 26 years. What’s exciting is that I was always associated with Barakat, using their fruits and vegetables as an Executive Chef in a renowned hotel. My belief in the quality of its product and the promises of its distribution system is something I had already seen in my kitchen. 

After a few years, when we discussed to take a leap with Barakat as a supplier of produce to the hospitality industry, and in essence an extended kitchen for large hotels, I knew that Barakat had its opportunity to shine and become an everyday brand in the industry. I had been on the other side of the market and understood the shortcoming of supplies to the hotel kitchens – the quality of fruits and vegetables quality varied and so did their distribution frequencies.

Commencing this journey with Barakat Quality Plus has been both exciting and a challenging one. What remains unchanged, though, is my confidence in its business model. I credit our expansion into retail and our trusted customers for making Barakat a household name.

Bringing the unique perspective of a chef in this beautiful atmosphere has served many advantages. To my knowledge and experience around the world, perhaps Barakat is possibly the only brand to sell ‘live’ juice in so many different and exciting flavours. Its liveliness indicates that all the nutrients are intact for the user to utilize.

We have been blessed to operate and flourish in an expanding market where our consumers trust us. Hotels in the region are also expected to rise in the coming years, which in return is an encouragement for our products. A heightened sense of health and vigor has pulled other people into the bandwagon. We aspire to assist everyone in their mission for good health and well-being by serving the essential vitamins and minerals in our products. 

Working with Barakat has motivated me to think for the customers and try out different dishes and offerings, most of which are now available at Fresh & Easy Café. A look inside the café will tell you more than what our bottled juices tell you – Barakat is about fresh, natural and healthy food served by a team that genuinely care for you. The only thing warmer than their smiles is the hot and fresh soup served at the café.

Message from the General Manager

Mr K.S.Santosh

“We don’t yearn for Return on Investment; rather, we strive for Return of Impression”

When you take a walk in our establishment, you will come across 8 different nationalities making up the work force here. With such rich diversity, we all needed a common thread to work with. We did this by affirming Barakati as a surname to everyone. This way we ironed out all differences for a common cause of Barakat. To maintain the philosophy of an extended kitchen where the fruit ends up in your juice bottle, it is important for a family-like atmosphere where the workers share a sense of bonding. Once a worker feels at peace and home here, he can translate that into a selfless service to the customers through quality products. 

Some would say that not being able to speak in the same language is a shortcoming on the shop floor. I say that this multi-lingual and cultural set up is a reflection of our products – varied, authentic and rich in diversity and colour. We turn the situation into an opportunity by motivating the staff through methods that cut across nationalities, languages and cultures. We hold birthday celebrations, film screenings and monthly get together programs. 

Our workers are like the wheels of a vehicle. You may have the most enviable car, but if the wheels fall short of good performance, or worse, ceases to work, you are stranded with a useless peace of scrap. We want our workers to smile every day because their happiness is what will radiate from a supreme quality product. 

Spending so many years with this wonderful brand, I have developed a mantra that I align my thoughts with – “focus on the process & products from your heart and the results come unasked.”

Being in this industry has been a challenging one, and we have tried our best to retain the pristine & natural freshness in every product we serve. There is a plethora of products in the market that use the word ‘freshness’ casually. We want our consumers to live and feel that freshness in a Barakat product and not just buy it as a marketing word. The taste of a Barakat product is its identity that distinguishes it from the others. 

We have been fortunate to have the cooperation to strike this distinction in retail outlets. Our juices are spread out on ice slabs in supermarkets and allow it to remain alive and fresh. Till date, I hear of stories from returning customers who have been consuming our product since it first appeared on the shelves. This is what we work for. At Barakat, we don’t work for Returns on Investment; rather, we strive for Return of Impressions. We make a heavy investment in customer’s confidence.

We are not in a business of luring consumers to something we cannot deliver. We are in a service to the customers who wait for our products to enter the supermarket so that they can take home something they trust. 

It’s not just another product claiming to be fresh, it’s a freshness you can taste, smell, feel and trust wholeheartedly every day your hand reaches out for a Barakat Quality Plus product.