Barakat Fresh

Over the last 42 years, we at Barakat have been driven by a promise - to deliver nature’s bounty in freshest and finest form from the best sources around the world, to our beloved customers in the UAE and the GCC region. And because we understand today’s busy lifestyles and the need for more convenience,we have gone a step further in our freshness promise with Barakat Fresh. With just afew clicks, you can now get all your fresh produce requirements delivered right to your doorstep.

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Our dedicated Barakat Fresh team are on call everyday to deliver your fresh produceorder, from whole and cut fruits & vegetables, to freshly squeezed juices, ready to eat soups & salads, and hand-crafted ice creams &ice pops. The wide range of convenient, high quality fresh produce at competitive prices make Barakat Fresh fit in perfectly with your freshness, health and convenience needs.